Remuneration Policy

The Board has in the light of the Finansinspektionens regulations on remuneration and alternative investment funds as well as the Swedish Code of fund management companies established a remuneration policy. Employees receive a fixed salary. Employees who have ownership in the Company receives no variable remuneration. Other staff who do not have ownership in the management company may receive variable compensation on a discretionary basis. This must be based on the following parameters:


- The company's total earnings

- Return relative to the risk in the funds

- Inflows of the Company's products

- Individual performance


The remuneration policy should encourage effective risk management and compliance, and to be in line with the company's long-term interests. The remuneration policy is designed to comply with the company's size, business strategy, goals and values. Today the company has no staff receive variable compensation.


Incentives Infomation

According to the Finansinspektionens, the AIF - Managers in connection with the fund only pay / pay or receive compensation in the form of fee, commission or monetary benefit (incentive) under certain conditions. If the incentive is paid or provided to or by a third party, the fee / Commission or monetary benefit be designed to raise the quality of the relevant fund operations and does not prevent the Company from acting in the interest of investors. The company receives payment from the funds for its management, analysis, management, auditing, accounting and record keeping as well as the Finansinspektionens Authority's supervisory activities. Remuneration consists of fixed and variable management fees in accordance with the fund rules. Otherwise no compensation from third parties. The Management Company will pay no compensation to distributors (banks, insurance companies, securities companies or other types of retailers), or other third parties.


Best results

The management is under the Finansinspektionens authority is obliged to strive for the best possible result for the placement of an order with other parties else for the Fund. To achieve the best possible result for the investors behalf when the management company does business in financial instruments in the form of portfolio transactions, the investment manager follows the management guidelines and other guidelines stated in the fund rules and investment strategies.


Money Laundering

The measures against money laundering which we are required to take are based on the Third EU Money Laundering Directive, which was implemented in Swedish law in 2009 by Act (2009: 62) on measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism, in particular regulations of the FI. The law clarifies the questions we will ask customers in the purchase of fund shares. We are required by law to report suspected money laundering to the police.



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